Cultural Fest

A night to remember, with music and dance from well known Bands

Tech Fest

Annual science and technology festival of Karma'18.


Workshops provide a fun and interactive platform for people to enhance their skills in various fields.

Pro night

About karma

Its the annual national level techno managerial cultural extravaganza of the KMCT College of Engineering. Karma invites innovative minds to compete with each other, share ideas and educate people about new technological advancements and be a part of the tech platform. Spectacular talent stretching boundaries to inspire the participating students and the rapt audience alike. A gigantic range of events from advanced robotics challenges to entrepreneurship hunts promising to zap up the cranial indices of participants. Skill, genius and knowledge trading infused with handful of fun, and a titanic prize money sum of above half a million rupees to make Karma one of the most unique tech­carnivals of the country.

Our Mission

To make students capable of handling programs and being well prepared to handle the real world out there. It not only gives entertainment but also aids in development both mentally and socially.
KARMA is our mission!

Our Plan

To host a wonderful two-day event with techshops and cultural blasts.To make it happen in such a way that the event pay offs for the hardwork rendered on this program.

KARMA is our plan!

Our Vision

To pose our future generations on how to be a good student who not only keeps their academics but also takes interest in every other activities which are extracurricular.

KARMA is our vision!

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PH : 0495 2289099